About Phoenix Patriot Foundation


Our Vision is to offset the gap between the number of injured military and support received by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, so that no wounded servicemen is ever left behind.


Phoenix Patriot Foundation’s founder, Jared Ogden, met many wounded veterans while serving as a SEAL in the United States Navy. During his deployment to Afghanistan in 2009-2010, several of his close friends were severely wounded. Jared saw firsthand the struggle of these injured patriots – how they had to undergo numerous surgeries followed by many months of rehabilitation. He also took notice of how the veterans were being cared for, but still he felt that there was a great need to further aid these patriots through individually-tailored programs in areas of their lives where no provisions were being made. His vision for PPF is to assist veterans along the hard road to recovery, regaining independence, and continuing to serve our nation. Phoenix Patriot Foundation was designed to fill a niche in veteran services that is not being met – empowering wounded veterans by creating unique opportunities specific to personal passions.


Similar to the Phoenix in mythology, veterans are reborn into new bodies sustained through combat injuries, and have many challenges to overcome once they return to civilian life. Veterans often suffer from hidden scars such as PTSD, and suffer in silence. Our motto, “EX CINERE SURGEMUS” translates to "Out of ashes we will rise", and we work with veterans to help them rise to their full potential. These patriots have much to offer our nation and have demonstrated incredible resolve when called upon to serve in the military and are ready to continue to serve society.