Crusher in the Tushar

This past weekend I (Juan Carlos Hernandez) had the pleasure in participating in the even called Crusher in the Tusha in Beaver Utah. This would have not been possible if I had not met one amazing individual at a different race two weeks prior. I met Shane at the Fire Road Cyclin which is one of the Leadville Race Serie qualifiers, this picture below is us at the finish and this is what he wrote "Had a great time racing the Fireroad 100 in Cedar City with this guy JC. He and I duked it out through out the race and traded pulls until he dropped me in the final 5 miles. Both of us finished 6th in our respective age groups and I was even lucky enough to qualify for a Leadville spot. Had to check out JC's prosthesis after the race to make sure their wasn't a motor in it, he was that impressive. Hopefully we will see him at the Crusher in 2 wks if he can find a spot" Luckily Shane was able to find me a spot and even sponsored me to go out to Utah and race the event. The race was 70 miles of pavement and dirt sections with 10,000 feet of climbing. I finished with a time of 6 hours and 11 minutes and according to Shane I am the first amputee to enter and finished the race. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and blessed to have met such an amazing person with a kind heart. Cycling has not only helped me in my recovery process after losing my leg in Afghanistan, but it has also been the bridge that has helped me go from Military life to civilian by meeting and riding with individuals such as Shane Dunleavy.  

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