Mission Essential and PPF Team up to Provide Leadership Training

New York, NY–After a hugely successful weekend spent with the coaches and staff of the New York Jets, Mission Essential and PPF have partnered together to maximize impact of their training programs offered to a multitude of Fortune 500 Companies and professional sporting organizations. Last weekend's event specifically focused on leadership and team building through Special Forces inspired physically exhausting drills. It was after PPF's combat wounded veterans addressed the coaches and staff of the NY Jets in a formal speaking forum that the terms 'to thrive during adversity' and took on new meaning. Jason VanCamp, Mission Essential's CEO and former Army Special Forces operator, said "Mission Essential is honored to work with the Phoenix Patriot Foundation. Our combined skills profoundly impacted the New York Jets coaching staff and provided an unbelievably successful and realistic user experience. The New York Jets are committed to working with Mission Essential and the PPF for the rest of the 2012 NFL season. Mission Essential is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the Phoenix Patriot Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Foundation, and the Robert R. Pirelli Memorial Fund."

PPF sponsored two combat wounded veterans to attend this training because both of these young, severely wounded Marines want to become motivational speakers after they are discharged from military service. Jared Ogden, founder of PPF, who over saw this event stated "This made complete sense for a whole lot of reasons, but as it relates to [the veterans PPF sponsored], they want to be public speakers after the Marine Corps—there is no better place for them to fine tune the content and delivery of their speeches than this group of high caliber and intimidating gentlemen and set themselves up for future employment."