Phoenix Patriot Foundation (PPF) Mountain Bike Team Displays Grit at Leadville Trail 100

San Diego, CA – The Phoenix Patriot Foundation Mountain Bike Team completed their signature race, Leadville Trail 100, in Leadville, Colorado on August 13th. This race is internationally recognized as the most grueling 100 mile mountain bike race on the planet. The team was met with immediate support and gratitude by the mountain bike community and Ken Chlouber, co-founder of Leadville Trail 100, who supported PPF by introducing the team and sharing our mission in front of a crowd of 1,900 supporters during the event's iconic pre-rider's meeting. During Mr. Chlouber's opening remarks, he said, "when you see these Navy SEALs quit, then you can quit… until then, no one quits. Not only will the team never quit, but they now ride with a heightened sense of purpose — to share, preserve, and further the critical mission of PPF and finished with a profound sense of accomplishment and pride.

Ignoring fatigue and dehydration when crossing the finish line as a team and after nearly 10 hours of constant, grueling physical strain, the team has set even higher marks for next year. Guy McDermott, team captain stated, "Our goal for next year is to bring a wounded veteran to the Leadville Trail 100 as a guest of honor and to share our passion for the race and our belief that service never stops."

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