Family Services Program Campout

Family Services Program Campout

The Phoenix Patriot Foundation Family Services Program is devoted to providing severely wounded veterans the assisted living resources they need to achieve independence.  The Family Services Program has been able to support veterans and their families by providing periodic financial assistance, grants and scholarships.  Services include mentoring, education, job training and placement.  The Family Services program uses a holistic approach, working with veterans on every aspect of their reintegration.  Holistic efforts support combat wounded veteran’s needs using therapeutic approaches to physical health and well-being, nutritional health, and, mental and spiritual health.  

family campouts

Outreach efforts include Family Campouts with activities for adults and children, and outings such as Fishing Trips.  The Family Services Program works to provide funding towards building ADA SMART homes, and for procurement of ADA transportation devices for our Patriots.


Often wounded warriors lose limbs while in service to their country, and they have a need to be mobile and serve again. The road to recovery is often long, but veterans have a clear vision and commitment to our nation and a never-ending desire to serve others.  The Phoenix Patriot Foundation Family Services Program strongly desires to help wounded veterans receive the assistance they need in order to facilitate their recovery, and to help build a foundation for their future.

PPF helps vets

provide individualized assistance

Working with each veteran on an individual basis we are able to ascertain what they need in their lives. Some may need help with finding a vocation, some with education, and others may need help when in economic stress.

partner with other organizations

Bo Reichenbach is a Navy SEAL injured when he stepped on an explosive device in Chora, Afghanistan.  Bo participated in multiple operations that cleared hundreds of Taliban out of a large village, resulting in peace, prosperity and pride by peace-loving Afghan villagers.  At the conclusion of operations, Bo’s unit was profusely and sincerely thanked by local villagers.  One particularly moving expression of gratitude was a village elder who said he had been trying to educate girls at an underground improvised school for several years, but because of Bo’s unit he could now do that in the open without fear of reprisal.  Bo is a Patriot who made a lasting contribution, which unfortunately also came at great expense.

Bo’s father owned land in Bo’s hometown of Billings, Montana, and as a licensed general contractor he worked with Bo constructing Bo’s “forever home”.  Phoenix Patriot Foundation mobilized to get Bo the help he needed, and partnered with other organizations to raise funds to help with Bo's Forever Home.

With the help of the Bo’s House Committee, which included Mike Hayes, Bo’s former Commanding Officer at SEAL Team TWO and Blake Bechtel, a Vice President, Phoenix Patriot Foundation Board of Directors, this is one mission that is complete!


PPF Fishing excursions provide a therapeutic environment and the comaraderie of fellow veterans.