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Music has been used as an effective form of therapy for veterans since the early 1900's following World War I. The Phoenix Patriot Foundation Music Program works with wounded and injured veterans who served post 9-11, and have a passion for music, and use it as a method of expression. Veterans are often reluctant to voice their needs, and find music "speaks" to them. Music has proven to be a lifeline for veterans struggling with treatments that may not address their Post-Traumatic Stress.

Phoenix Patriot Foundation Music Program provides veterans with the ability to express themselves together with a group of veterans as a means of therapy. Services include providing grants for music lessons to veterans who want to express themselves using music and want to grow their skills as musicians. If you are interested in more information about the Music Program or if you are interested in the Phoenix Patriot Band please contact

The Phoenix Patriot Band performs to raise awareness about the issues veterans face. The Phoenix Patriot Band currently performs cover songs, and plans on creating an album with music composed by veterans about topics veterans can relate to and the public can appreciate. The goal is ultimately to promote veterans issues and to support the Phoenix Patriot Foundation and veterans in our programs.


Band members serve as ambassadors and representatives of Phoenix Patriot Foundation. The Phoenix Patriot Band serves as a vehicle to enable new areas of marketing for the Phoenix Patriot Foundation. Working together with veterans the program manager helps veterans who choose to pursue a career in music.  Band members and participants perform and help out with fundraisers, and engage in music recording projects in order to support the Phoenix Patriot Foundation and its mission. 

Fundraising event presentation of violin to Mark Zambon 

Fundraising event presentation of violin to Mark Zambon 

Phoenix Patriot Foundation teamed up with the STEM Guitar Building Institute to host a three day custom guitar building workshop for five veterans.

The band currently serves the music program and is headquartered in Temecula, California. It consists of primary members, along with members-at-large, located across the nation. 


By targeting new platforms through the music industry the band communicates awareness about the issues veterans face, the mission of Phoenix Patriot Foundation, and the positive impacts it has had for our nation’s veterans and their families.

Phoenix Patriot Band at the LA Music Awards

Phoenix Patriot Band at the LA Music Awards

The Phoenix Patriot Band:

  • Conducts live performances at select fundraising events to benefit the Phoenix Patriot Foundation.
  • Is involved with various recording projects aimed at producing original music. This effort includes veterans that have a passion for music and possess musical backgrounds.
  • We will collaborate with other musicians, involve veterans, and produce songs that will serve as fundraising platforms for the Phoenix Patriot Foundation and its mission.
  • Veterans will have the opportunity to be involved in all phases of a recording project. Songs will maintain a variety of themes to include military service, and other aspects of life relative to the interests of veterans.

Check out the Phoenix Patriot Foundation Blog for more info about the Music Program.

Visit the Band’s website –
and find out more about the band members and performance schedule.