Bo Reichenbach

24-year-old Bo Reichenbach, a Navy SEAL, was critically injured by an improvised explosive device on July 17, 2012 while serving our country in Afghanistan. Bo was awarded the Purple Heart just two days after arriving back to the United States.

He has undergone over 20 medical procedures since then, and continues to conquer his path of recover each and every day. Bo hails from Billings, Montana where he grew up as an avid ice hockey player. When he was 15 years old he left home to pursue his dream of being an NHL goaltender, and went to play Junior Hockey in Canada for the Thunder Bay Wolverines. Four years later, in March of 2008, he decided to serve our country and enlisted in the Navy. That same year be became the father of a baby boy, Landon.

In May of 2010 he earned the right to be a Navy SEAL, entrusted with some of the most dangerous missions in the military. Bo’s unit was deployed to Afghanistan on January 3, 2012. When Bo returned to U.S. soil after his injury in July, his parents Don and Crystal and his younger brother.