Dan Cnossen

For a listing of Dan's 2015 Paralympic statistics with TEAM USA click HERE

Dan Cnossen graduated from the Naval Academy in 2002 and is a Navy SEAL. During his third deployment, he sustained near life-ending injuries in Afghanistan in September, 2009. 

Since his injury, Dan has achieved many remarkable accomplishments, most notably as a member of the U.S. Paralympic Biathlon Team. He represented the USA in Sochi, Russia, in the 2014 Winter Games and led the U.S. team both on and off the snow.

Dan consistently places in the top 10 in international events, and competed in the So Chi Paralympics. In support of Dan’s calling to continue to serve our nation, PPF with the support of the Boot Campaign, procured a custom built, state-of-the-art hand cycle, enabling him to maintain excellent cardiovascular conditioning leading up to the Olympics.

Additionally,  PPF helped to facilitate a training event at which Dan and several of his teammates from SEAL Team ONE converged in Colorado for what was an incredible test of resolve and teamwork in preparation for his Olympic quest. 

Dan continues to serve Team USA. For an update on Dan's activities click HERE