Kyle Butcher

Kyle Butcher Grew up in small town in Georgia with dreams of being in the Special Forces. A competitive kid, Kyle Enlisted in the Army in 2002 almost a year before his HS graduation with the goal of becoming an Army Ranger. He completed Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training, Javelin School, Airborne School, and Ranger Indoctrination Program and was selected to the 3rd Ranger Battalion, deployed to Afghanistan from January 2003 through April 2004, receiving the Army Commendation Medal.

Graduating from the Ranger Tab- (the Army Ranger training school) class of September 2004, Kyle deployed to Mosul, Iraq that same month and was injured in combat two months later, after which he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and Purple Heart.

Healing his physical wounds after the disappointment of not being able to serve as a Ranger, Kyle found out that healing the mental wounds is an ongoing battle.

Honorably Discharged from Army on July 25, 2005, Kyle moved to Texas and join a land company in Fort Worth in September of that year. Kyle had a lot of faith in his ability to learn anything he set his mind to and he became a "land man", a term as foreign to him as some of the cities he'd been in Afghanistan. With a strong will to succeed he learned as much as he could about the oil and gas industry; while teaching himself GIS mapping. Kyle now provides quality workmanship for Colt Exploration with precision and accuracy and commitment he used as a member of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment. Now nine years after coming home he has earned his way to a partnership at Colt Exploration Company, Incorporated.

Struggling every day with adjusting, he finds that he has good days and bad days but he believes that you get up, keep moving and keep setting and achieving goals. He still wants those challenges that comes with "Ranger Life" but he applies those challenges to his business, and has made a new life for himself and his family by continuing to exude the same commitment, passion and determination to succeed that he displayed as a Ranger.

Kyle discovered Phoenix Patriot Foundation from a teammate when he competed in the Warrior Games. Participation and competition in the Never Quit Challenge and jet-ski races he has used those events to continue to relive moments of excitement and hardships with his fellow soldiers that are participating in these events.

Kyle feels he can make a difference in the lives of veterans by spreading the word and reaching out about the possibilities Phoenix Patriot Foundation is providing.