Tom Block

Tom Block is a US Army Ranger with an honorable military career that included four deployments to Afghanistan, the latest as a Rifle Team Leader. On October 6, 2013, Tom was part of an assault force sent to capture several High Value Targets in Kandahar, Afghanistan. While conducting clearance of the targeted compound a suicide bomber detonated himself as he approached Tom’s position. The resulting blast knocked Tom 30 feet through the air. Tom lost his eye due to this blast, and has multiple surgeries to repair his remaining eye. He is legally blind. In addition his nose had to be rebuilt, he had a broken foot, collapsed lung, and still has shrapnel lodged throughout his body.

Tom is engaged to be married to his fiancée, Janine in September of 2015. They live in Fort Mitchell, AL. Tom is a lifelong avid hunter and sportsman, and Phoenix Patriot Foundation’s short term goals are to help Tom regain this ability to enjoy these activities as he recovers, and help him begin his transition from Active Duty to civilian life. Tom’s short term goals are to stay physically and mentally fit so he can continue to inspire those around him with his positive attitude despite his injuries. Tom’s long term goals include public speaking, and assisting wounded combat veterans.